May 30

American Gladiators new event, Tilt

The new event on American gladiators was fun to watch. Tilt is basicly tug-of-war.  Episode three, season two, Toby and Brick went up against Toa. Brick pulled Toa in and then Toa pulled Toby in. De and Tiffaney went up against … Continue reading

May 27

BRICK REILLY to the Semi-finals

Related: Beast Battles Brick Semi-Finals Video BRICK REILLY, Going to the semi-finals! AGE: 27 HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 165 lbs MARITAL STATUS: Engaged SPORTS: Mountain biking, hiking and basketball PROFESSION: Mentor for Deaf Children and Tree Climber Brick Reilly is a … Continue reading

May 27

Hulk Themed American Gladiator Episode

Watch Wolf Sing To Crush on American Gladiators It is rumored that Lou Ferrigno will guest host an episode of American Gladiators to promote the new movie, “The Incredible Hulk”.  Holy cow! How many times are they going to remake … Continue reading

May 26

American Gladiators: Wolf and Hellga

Click here to read my most recent posts: Wolf, that’s more like it! Hellga is a Gladiator, too!      

May 26

American Gladiators Hellga

Click here to view Robin Coleman’s official website. She has some great pictures of all the gladiators on her blog and a lot of trivia about the gladiators. It’s worth seeing if you’re a gladiator fan!        

May 26

New American Gladiator Steel

Click here on the link below for the scoop on Steel, the newest American Gladiator. Erin Toughill will make and appearance at last (probably on Monday nights show 5/26/08). Scoop on STEEL, American Gladiator

May 26

Gladiator Zen and his Backflips

Click here to read Zen Backflips Into Gladiator Arena and see the clip of his grand entrance. I was impressed! Favorite Gladiator Polls

May 23

Sorry Wolf, I had to post it. . .

Wolf on the red carpet:

May 20

American Gladiators, The NEW Eliminator

For season 2 they made some changes on the Eliminator. They added more fire at the beginning for a longer underwater swim.  There is a now rope swing over to the new tight rope. A six-foot-deep ‘ball pit’ was added under the hand … Continue reading