Ohio Man Makes ‘Grumpy Cat’ A Viral Celebrity

20121218-101356.jpgGALION, Ohio – Yes, a lot of good things come from Ohio. A central Ohio man has created an unexpected national hit thanks to a grumpy cat. Check out the video below.

Bryan Bundesen, of Galion, shot a video of his sister’s cat, named Tardar Sauce. He thought the cat’s grumpy faces were so funny he posted them on the website Reddit.

Others loved the cat too and it’s become an internet hit with millions of web hits. The cat now has it’s own website, Christmas cards and soon will have t-shirts sold at Hot Topic Stores.

Bundesen said that he was trying to give back with the unexpected success, donating 10 percent of grumpy cat sales to no-kill animal shelters.

For the record, Bundesen said that Tardar Sauce is actually a very happy cat.

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