Huffy Green Machine, fun for all ages…

Green Machine, ages 6 to adult, up to 160 lbs.

This week I am cleaning out my basement. I uncovered my kids’ old Green Machine and was tempted to take it for a spin. It has a weight limit of 160 lbs, so adults can ride it, too. Here are some other folks who had the same idea. You are never too old for a Green Machine. Of all the bikes and toys we bought our kids, I think this one was the most fun for them. It was used so many times, and is still in working condition. The new Green Machines may be a little smaller or have a different weight limit, I’m not sure. This one is over ten years old. I have noticed that new Green Machines have smaller seats.

There are a lot of video’s below, but this is my favorite “Green Machine” YouTube video:


Watch these videos:

This is the newer green machine:

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