Deadly spider found in bananas

A Walmart Supercenter in Superior, Wisconsin, is selling giant poisonous spiders with their bananas. Customer, Sheila Terry got more than just a bunch of bananas from her shopping trip Tuesday. After unloading the groceries, her husband, Dan, went to pick one when a spider about 4 inches long fell out from the stem.  An expert said he was 90 percent sure it was a Brazilian wandering spider. The name doesn’t sound so terrible, but actually the Brazilian Wandering Spider is the Most Venomous Spider on Earth, video below. I may never eat another banana. 

I found this video on Youtube, it shows the Brazilian wondering spider in a package of bananas, it does have some swearing:


There are some odd happenings at Walmart these days. Check out this recent article: a man in a cow suit was arrested for selling stolen milk outside Walmart.

In other Wisconsin “Spider news”, a 10-Year-Old Nearly Eats Black Widow. This happened in Greenville, Wis. The sneeky spider was hiding in red grapes. 

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