Old Licking County Jail is officially haunted

Yes, it’s official. The old Licking County Jail is haunted according to ghost hunters Tom Robson and Michelle Duke. They spent the night in the jail on S. 3rd Street in Newark in November and heard the sound of footsteps, someone dragging a box across the floor, witnessed a shadowy apparition peek out of a cellar room, captured footage of a flashlight turning itself on and off, and heard the sound of shackles. They are obviously much braver than me. I would have hurt myself running out of the place in a panic at the first sign of weirdness (I once tripped over a huge barrel running from a bee -true story). Tom and Michelle are the founders of the South Eastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators. The jail was built in the 1800’s.   read more: Inmates still haunt old jail.


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