Mosquito Spray Trucks, Kids Play in Insecticide Fog

Posted by Amy Z on July 13, 2010 in News |

It’s summer and time for the mosquito fogging trucks to roll down the street. A lot of parents these days worry about how healthy that is, but I say, “Send more trucks!” The mosquitoes are worse than the spray. Actually I have and idea. How about we ‘catch’ the mosquitoes humanely, and them set them loose in the wild somewhere. Yeah. Let’s relocate them. On the other hand,  watch the video below of kids in Korea chasing along behind a spray truck, laughing and playing in the insecticide fog. Click on the picture for a closer look. My mom told me that as a kid, her mom would send her and her siblings after the truck to play saying, “There’s the spray truck! Go get it!” This was in the late 1950’s when the chemicals were MUCH harsher (DEET), and guess what? She is fine.  So a little neighborhood spraying wont’ hurt. Just a quick note, I’m not saying send your kids out to play in the mosquito spray…

Notice in the videos below the difference between the Korean Spray trucks and the American trucks. The Korean trucks are really BLASTING the stuff and the Virginia Beach truck is more the equivalent of five guys in the back of a truck spraying “Off”…  But really, this might seem like a dumb question (because it is) but after the mosquito fogger went down our street I expected to see little dead mosquito corpses everywhere. Guess what? I went outside and there were NONE. It is a conspiracy.


Check out these pictures of Spray Trucks and the videos below. To help diminish the mosiquto population in your area, make sure you don’t have anything with ‘standing water’ in your yard. Did you know that the annoying asian mosquito traveled here from Japan in the 1980’s in a shipment of car tires? Now they are all over the southern USA (see video below). 

Truck spraying to kill adult mosquitoes is an essential part of the County’s mosquito control program, and the part that citizens see most often. The spray trucks apply a fine mist of concentrated Fyfanon (Malathion) insecticide through a method known as Ultra Low Volume application (ULV). The amount of insecticide sprayed is four ounces of insecticide per minute at a truck speed of 10 miles per hour (0.71 ounces per acre). The amount of insecticide applied is determined by the speed of the truck. If the truck drives faster, more insecticide is applied; if the truck drives slower, less insecticide is applied. Fyfanon insecticide is one of the least toxic insecticides labeled for mosquito control. The mist of insecticide from the sprayer is effective for killing adult mosquitoes approximately 300 feet downwind. Truck spraying is used primarily for localized concentrations of mosquitoes throughout various areas of Miami-Dade County. read more…



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  • Clresu says:

    Guess what, dude, everyone’s not fine . . . cancer rates are sky high, and our best guess at the moment relates to chemicals. The anecdotal “she’s fine!” doesn’t work for me, friend.

    I’m trying to get that idiotic f’n truck out of our neighborhood.

    I’ll take the mosquitoes, thanks you.

  • Christy says:

    Yeah, ok, “Let’s catch them humanely and relocate them into the wild.” You really know nothing about mosquitos. Lmao. Wow. You make my day, asshat. I say, like most normal people who don’t like mosquito bites or west nile virus, smash the bastards and make the others watch. Teach them who’s boss.

  • chirs says:

    Pesticides are very dangerous to your health-
    these pesticides can alter your DNA. The nicotine based pesticides are severely hurting the bee postulation. Not to mention other insects and birds.. I feel terribly sorry for you.

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